Our Identity

We are europe based blockchain, especially ADA enthusiasts, invested since 2017 in Cardano. Since Charles published the famous whiteboard video we are strong believers. convince yourself!

our infrastructure

To support decentralization and enhance connectivity we distributed our infrastructure among different geographical regions.

We implemented best security practices and choose a future oriented server technology (4vCPU, 16GB RAM, SSD storage) to support the next growth steps of Cardano roadmap (Goguen, Basho, Voltaire).


Today big tech and central banks have too much power. We are believers of decentralization and want to contribute to a fairer world with distributed technology. We believe in innovation and think we should always strive to become better.

In our eyes Cardano delivers the best industry approach to achieve a decentralized financial eco system (peer review and academic research). Mainly we want to offer a reliable home for our ADA delegators.

Very high security and stable staking services for our delegators are our main goal.

Pool tool

Check statistics of our pool on the most comprehensive website for Cardano staking statistics

block explorer

Check current blocks and latest transactions


Want to know more about staking and become an operator? 

Contact: admin@blockworkorange.net